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Portable E-BAM Plus

The Met One Instruments, Inc. E-BAM Plus is a portable, real-time beta gauge which has EPA Approval for PM10 particulate measurements. The E-BAM Plus will satisfy users, regulators and those from the health community by providing truly accurate, precise, real time measurement of fine particulate matter automatically. It is a rugged, portable, battery operated package easily deployed and operational in 15 minutes.

Advanced Features

  • U.S. EPA Designation for Outdoor PM10 FEM Configuration.
  • Real-time, accurate results without correction factors — regardless of season or geographic location.
  • Ambient sampling provides accurate measurement of semi-volatile nitrates and organic compounds.
  • Lightweight, rugged construction is easily mounted on a tripod in minutes.
  • All-weather construction allows for true ambient sampling.
  • CCS COMET Cloud Compatible
  • Operates on AC power.

Continuous Monitoring

The E-BAM Plus automates particulate measurement by continuously sampling and reporting concentration data. Data records are updated every minute. The E-BAM Plus eliminates filter collection and filter weighing, and the expense of high maintenance instruments. With the adoption of beta attenuation for ambient particulate monitoring it has become simple, streamlined, and inexpensive.


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