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Automatic Polarimeter


The automatic high-speed laboratory polarimeter P3000


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For tasks where ease of use with an extremely fast measuring time of just 1 second is of higher priority than a large number of decimal places, the fully automatic laboratory polarimeter P3000 is the perfect instrument.

Features & Specifications

  • Extremely time efficient
  • Measuring time of just 1 second: the fastest polarimeter in the world!
  • Accuracy and resolution in accordance with ICUMSA
  • Cost-efficient automatic polarimeter
  • Easy operation via touchscreen
  • Printer interface for GLP-compliant printing

Monitoring chemical processes such as determining concentration levels, purity control and quality control is also possible with the P3000 without any specially trained production staff.

The P3000 is menu-driven and is operated via touchscreen. All device parameters and the measuring result are displayed in the display window. The various functions can be retrieved from the main menu via four buttons displayed with symbols. The laboratory staff is led through the operating menu in either German or English. In practical measuring operations, only the polarimeter tubes with the sample have to be inserted into the measuring chamber and the measuring process started. The measuring result is displayed digitally and can be printed out using the optional printer by pressing a button. The results are displayed either in ° as a directly measured value or in °Z according to the international sugar scale.

The device is supplied with two polarimeter tubes, operating instructions, touchscreen pencil and network connection cable. It is ready to use in “plug and play” manner immediately after installing. Only the empty measurement of the polarimeter tubes needs to be taken in the settings menu. The P3000 can be optionally equipped with a temperature sensor. Apart from regular cleaning and calibration, no other maintenance work is required. Measurement accessories, calibration standards and consumable supplies can be purchased from A.KRÜSS Optronic’s extensive accessories range.

Anywhere where ongoing production monitoring and quality control close to production is required and anywhere that samples cannot just be tested in a laboratory by highly qualified staff but where very frequent measurements of the same type have to be carried out should have a P3000. After the simple setup, the device can be operated by instructed or trained staff. The measuring results that are printed out document the measurements carried out for production documentation in compliance with normal quality management systems.

The P3000 is a production-related companion in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food production.

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