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Aquadyne™ DVS-1, DVS-2, DVS-2HT


Gravimetric Water Vapor Sorption Analyzers

Water content, water sorption kinetics, and percent water uptake are all characteristics of interest to material scientists. Water sorption behavior plays an important role in the development and use of many common and advanced materials. Some examples include :

.     Stability of pharmaceutical excipients and drug actives

.     Drying and storage of grains

.     Texture and shelf life of food products

.     PEM fuel cell components

.     Mortar, grout and other cementitious materials

.     Paper and coatings

.     Hydrophobic surface treatments

.     Microporous and nanostructured carbons 

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Balance heads:


2(DVS-2, DVS-2HT), 1(DVS-1)

Balances, type:


ultrasensitive electronic microbalances

Balance capacity(each):



Balance capacity(combined):


10g (DVS-2, DVS-2HT only)

Dynamic weighing range(each):


-500mg to +500mg, 0 to +1000mg

Dynamic weighing range(combined):


-1000mg to +1000mg, 0 to +2000mg (DVS-2, DVS-2HT only)

Weighing resolution:



RH range:


<2% - 98% (depending on temperature)

RH resolution:



RH accuracy :


± 0.8% RH at 25°C

Sample chamber temperature range:


<10 - 80°C (DVS-2), 10 - 85°C (DVS-2HT), 15-60°C (DVS-1)

Sample chamber temperature stability:


± 0.1°C

Balance head temperature :


Up to 85°C (DVS-2) , 90°C (DVS-2HT), 75°C (DVS-1)

Gas flow rates:


0 - 200 cm3/min (mass flow controllers)

Viewing port / sample chamber door


heated, triple-glazed

Data acquisition rate:


adjustable, up to 12 points per minute

Sample pan material:



Water reservoir capacity:


46 ml
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