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Drying Oven 115 liter


AL01-03-100 Smart Drying Oven for Research Labs


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 Drying oven with natural convection for all standard drying and 

 tempering tasks as well as sterilising glassware  Stainless steel interior equipped with 2 chrome-plated trays 

 Microprocessor controller with large digital display of the temperature 

 Temperature setting with degree accuracy 

 Build-in timer (0-999 mins) as alternative to continuous operation 

 Overtemperature protection with visible alarm (safety thermostat class 3.1) 

 Exhaust duct at rear of unit with manually adjustable slide 

 2 units are directly stackable using the flat assembly bars supplied with the units 


Technical specification: 

Size (liter) : 115
Door :Right Hinge
Trays :2
Voltage(nominal +/-10%) 50Hz (V) : 230
Temperature °C :ambient +5 to 220
Air convection :natural
Spatial temperature deviation °C :± 3
Temperature accuracy °C :± 0,3
Heating up time to 150°C :50 mins (to of 98% of set temperature)
Recovery time 30 sec door open :16 mins (to of 98% of set temperature)
Control Panel :Automatic
Displays :digital display of the temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) or timer
Safety thermostat :mechanical class 3.1 with visual alarm
Temperature fuse :class 1
Chamber Interior :stainless steel
Exterior dimensions * (W x H x D (mm) :820 x 760 x 710
Interior dimensions (W x H x D (mm) :600 x 480 x 400
Weight incl. 2 trays :62 kg
Total weight incl. Packaging :approx. 77 kg
Dimensions unit incl. packaging (W x H x D) :920 mm x 986 mm x 835 mm
Color :cream white
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