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Test Sieves for ALPINE Air Jet Sieves


If you know the Air Jet Sieve by ALPINE, you also know the corresponding test sieves by HAVER & BOECKER. Finest dry bulk materials can be analysed with this machine. In addition to test sieves for the 200 LS and 200 LS-N we quote the special execution for the e 200 LS with fully automatic sieve detection.


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Conforming to international standards

  • Fabricated according to valid standards:
    ISO 565, DIN ISO 3310, ASTM E 11, BS 410

Your advantages at a glance

  • A particularly smooth surface of frames prevents cross-contamination.
  • An extremely stable sieve structure guarantees a long life.
  • The sieve fabric retains its tension exceedingly well even after intensive use.
  • Test Sieves e 200 LS: fully automatic sieve recognition due to a plastic transponder chip.

Technical data

  200 LS 200 LS-N e 200 LS
Dimensions[mm] 200 x 25            203 x 28 203 x 28
Sieve frame stainless steel, brass stainless steel stainless steel
Feature sealing ring                      transponder (plastic chip)

All ALPINE Test Sieves are equipped with a sieve medium of stainless steel metal wire cloth with aperture sizes from 20 micron up to 4 mm.


   Alpine Test Sieve 200 LS-N

ALPINE Air Jet Sieves are used for particle size distribution of powdery materials from 20 micron.

An air flow exiting the rotating slotted nottle purges the sieve gauze continuously. This leads to short sieving times and ensures that even those materials which are known to cause difficulty can be sieved successfully.

The Alpine Air Jet Sieve and our corresponding test sieves are used in different industries like pharmacy, chemical or food industry.

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