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BAM 1020

The BAM-1020 automatically measures and records airborne particulate concentration levels (in milligrams or micrograms per cubic meter) using the industry-proven principle of beta ray attenuation. Thousands of BAM-1020 units are currently deployed worldwide, making the unit one of the most successful air monitoring platforms in the world.


Met One Instruments’ Model BAM-1020 was the first instrument to obtain U.S. EPA Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) designation for continuous PM2.5 monitoring, in addition to its longstanding EPA designation for PM10 monitoring. The BAM-1020 has also obtained the corresponding PM2.5 and PM10 certifications in the European Union. Two BAM-1020 units can also be operated together as an EPA designated PM10-2.5 coarse method. Met One Instruments supplies complete sampling accessory kits for compliance with each designation.


  • U.S. EPA Equivalent Method for PM10, PM2.5, and PM10-2.5 monitoring
  • Long term unattended remote operation of up to 60 days between site visits
  • Very low operating costs
  • Automatic Span Calibration checks
  • Fast and easy field audits using common FRM audit tools
  • Bench top or equipment rack mounting in mobile or stationary shelters
  • Rugged anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and baked enamel construction
  • Highly accurate, reliable, and mechanically simple flow system
  • Hourly filter advances minimize effects on volatile compounds
  • Advanced Smart Heater technology precisely controls sample relative humidity
  • Integrated datalogger allows the connection of up to six meteorological sensors
  • Data retrieval through RS-232 serial ports using direct PC connections, modems, printers, or digital data collection systems

Standard Equipment

  • Operation Manual and Quick Setup Guide
  • Internal Automatic Span Membrane
  • Internal Flow Sensor and Flow Controller
  • Internal Filter Temperature, Pressure, and RH Sensors
  • Six Channel Data Logger for Accessory Sensors
  • Serial Data Cable and Modular Power Cable
  • Pump Control Cable and Air Tubing
  • Rack Mounting Brackets and Hardware
  • CometTM Data Collection Software
  • One Roll of 460130 Glass Fiber Filter Tape

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