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PT. Era Mitra Perdana provides Scientific, Laboratory Equipment, and Services. Established in Jakarta, We are committed to provide the best service, open communication, and proactively giving suggestion and alternate solution to support our principals and customers.

To be the best in Scientific and Laboratory Equipment industry, PT Era Mitra Perdana is supported by highly qualified personnel, high quality product, and optimum after sales service. We are highly experienced and a trusted partner for Government Institutions, Universities, and Industries to supply, install, and provide after sales services in the area of scientific and laboratory equipment since 1999.


To be the best and most reliable partner for our principals and clients in Scientific and Laboratory Equipment Industry.


  • Provide high quality product and services with competitive price
  • Be proactive during the end-to-end process in supporting principals and clients
  • Continuously learning and sharing insights regarding Scientific and Laboratory Industry
  • Company digitalization to provide easier access for consumers



We aim to be the best and most reliable partner for all stakeholders which we believe started from having a strong bond.


We are committed to perform in the best way possible in all projects by being a proactive partner.


We believe process is an important part in all projects and are committed to be a reliable partner for our stakeholders along the process.

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